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How to Find the Best Broadband Deal

There are currently three main types of broadband available for the average consumer, ADSL, Cable and Mobile Broadband. ADSL is the most common as it uses the copper telephone land lines that most homes have already got installed, and is offered by the widest range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). ADSL speeds are available at up to 24Mbps downstream, but the average is 8Mbps or less because of the limiting factors of copper wire and also because a faster service requires that your local telephone exchange has been equipped with the right technology. Cable broadband is available in a slim majority of houses in the UK and offers up to 50Mbps download speed thanks to fibre optic technology. However the limited coverage and high cost of the fastest packages may not suit some tastes, though there are more modest cable services available at a reasonable price. The most recent weapon added to the broadband internet armoury is Mobile broadband. Unlike the other two services it requires no land line connection as the data is sent and received wirelessly over 3G mobile telephone networks, and speeds of between 3.6Mbps and 7.2Mbps connections are available. Mobile broadband speeds are dependant on the provider`s 3G network`s capabilities, the level of coverage in your area as well as the specifications of the USB dongle that is the only piece of kit you`ll need to connect to mobile broadband.

As you can see there are a wealth of option out there for you when it come to choosing a broadband internet service. However, with all this choice it does become hard to make a decision, particularly when many ISPs will try to sell you seemingly similar services. The best way to choose is to look at your needs and what you`ll use your broadband connection for. If you want the fastest possible speeds then cable is the way to go, though of course you`ll need to check if you live in a cabled area. If you`re happy with the speeds offered by ADSL but you want to use your connection to download large files regularly then you`ll want to make sure that you go for a package that gives you `unlimited` usage. It`s also important to bear in mind that most unlimited package, whether ADSL or Cable, will be restricted by a fair use policy. This will usually require that you don`t use your connection heavily during peak periods between 6pm and 11pm. If you want total freedom of movement and you don`t have a land line then mobile broadband will be for you, though the download restrictions are much more tight than with cable or ADSL, and you`ll need to check to see if your area has adequate 3G network coverage.

The easiest way to make an informed decision is to get online and use price comparison websites and also to read mobile broadband reviews by users and professionals alike. Using broadband speed tests on reputable sites will also allow you to assess the state of your current connection and further inform your decision to make a change.

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